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OT4Kids is growing, and as a result, we are now working from a new 9,000+ square foot clinic. This new building has multiple therapy rooms.

This new clinic features therapy rooms for Deep Pressure Therapy and Movement activities including indoor swings and climbing equipment. We have a ‘calm-down’ sensory relaxation room, a computer lab, and a fully functional kitchen for feeding, and other, oral therapies. The indoor gymnasium will have a rock-wall, ‘playground equipment’, multiple zip-lines, and a bicycle path. Our aqua-therapy room will provide a safe place for sensory play and physical exercise.
These new therapies are just the beginning. OT4Kids will continue to grow, learn, and develop - just like our clients!

OT 4 Kids Is Green   
Everyone here at OT4Kids knows that we all must do our part to help the environment. Here are some of the programs we use to make a difference.

Paperless Office

OT4Kids minimizes our need for forms by keeping a large percentage of our record keeping digitally. We have developed software that allows us to minimize forms, and share our data electronically. Printed forms used during each therapy session are passed along (not copied) to the accounting department, then scanned for later use. All confidential material is taken by a third party to be double-shredded, then recycled.

Recycling Programs.

We do our part to recycle, paper, glass, batteries, aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

New Construction Materials

For our new clinic we had many options for building materials. Our lighting is a mixture of skylights allowing in natural light and low-power lights.


Make A Payment

You can send checks to our address listed at the bottom of each page, or to our mailing address:

OT 4 Kids, Inc.

PO Box 587 

Lexington, NC 27293

You can send electronic payments via paypal to

You can pay via a credit, debit, or flexible spending card while in our clinic.

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