OT4KIDS believes that clinical education is an essential component for skilled, confident, and dedicated therapy professionals. We pride ourselves in being a learning facility, and regularly host students in different capacities. Our program provides a structured learning environment to expose students to a strong, integrated approach to working with children in a family-centered, play-based environment. We accept observers, volunteers, interns, fieldwork students and graduate therapy students. Please contact your schools Academic Coordinator to set up therapy fieldwork placements. 

Please contact Katie Clemmer, Student Affairs, at katieclemmer@ot4kidsinc.com for more information.


Clinical education experiences are designed to foster clinical competency, reasoning skills, and professional development of students, with the goal of successfully transitioning from a student to the role of an entry-level practitioner. It is our goal to develop clinicians who are prepared to meet the challenges of the pediatric population, and who will contribute to the knowledge base within their respective professions.

What to Expect

Dress includes scrubs, plain shirts, khakis, and jeans. Please park in either of the two gravel areas. Upon arrival you will sign a HIPPA form and receive a visitor name tag. Please be professional at all times, ask questions discreetly or after sessions, and check with therapists prior to sessions to make sure that it is ok to observe.

Volunteer Policy

OT4KIDS requires the following prior to volunteering:
HIPPA confidentiality form
Proof of insurance or release of liability form
Background check- $75 dollars to be paid in clinic

Following the receipt of these forms, an interview will be conducted. Once selected we offer a three week minimum volunteer experience where volunteers will spend 12 hours weekly, rotating between treatment spaces in clinic, and assisting with cleanup, setup, and organization of supplies. Volunteers will get first hand observation of treatments while assisting in each room. Treatment rooms include a craft room, kitchen, outdoor area, animal area, large gym and swing room.

All volunteers volunteer “at will” and are not paid during this time. Volunteers may be terminated at any time at the company’s discretion. We expect all volunteers to maintain confidentiality during their time as well as a high level of respect during treatment sessions. If you would like to talk to a therapist about a specific treatment or client please do so discreetly or after sessions.

Volunteers are not able to perform treatments or be hands on with clients.

Occupational Therapy Student Placement


If you are interested in pursuing a Level I or II placement with us, please contact your Academic Fieldwork coordinator and encourage them to reach out to us.

We cannot accept students directly based on personal request. We require contractual agreements with the academic institution the student attends. Due to the clinical and professional demands of our environment, students must have a strong desire to work in pediatrics. We complete an interview process to identify appropriate candidates.

Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy Student Placement

We now offer student placements for PT and PTA students depending on therapist availablity. We also offer placement for SLP and SLPA students, as well as Speech therapy interns. Please contact our student coordinator for more information. 


Internships provide eligible university students with unpaid, practical, hands-on work experience in a professional health care setting. We have worked closely with students at the Bachelors level in assisting them with meeting university requirements. Placements are extremely limited and competitive, and an interview will take place to determine the best fit.